Our Team

The brave and the bold

our crew and cast

Our team includes photographers, cinematographers, filmmakers and creatives from all over the US! Brought together by a love of storytelling, adventures and climbing, this team gave so much time, effort and vision to the project. Check them out!


Suzie Blacker

The Partner

Mike Largent

The Guy

Mike Largent grew up near Durango, CO. He dedicates his life to acting and outdoor pursuits. In both arenas, he’s done impressive things. Mike loves his wife, their cat, and gummie bears. He indulges in judging terrible movies, because it’s easy and makes him feel sophisticated. This is not one of them.



The Cat/The Dog

Risa Scott


Risa is a nomadic, van-life-based photographer, filmmaker, writer, and actor with a small dog named Bread. Risa loves working on creating imagery through play and adventure and has an amazing network of fellow creatives, skills, and experience to bring authentic stories to life. She’s also been a climber for over 23 years and is certified with AMGA.


Rees Gibbons


Rees is a director and cinematographer. Above all else, he is a lover of life and a seeker of adventure. He grew up chasing adventure in Colorado and then moved to Paris to learn to be a journalist. Now he travels the world building brands and telling stories.


Jessica Ham

Cinematographer/Drone Pilot

Jessica is a cinematographer, drone pilot, and obsessed with anything related to camera tech. Working in the documentary realm, she loves to chase a story no matter where it takes her. The farther outside her comfort zone and more outlandish the adventure, the better. She satisfies her need to play with toys by working in television with robotic cameras, arm cars, drones, and jibs.


Ri Ganey


Shaianne Mariah “Ri” Ganey is a Durango based photojournalist and adventurer specializing in bike and snow based adventures, and rope sports. They believe at the root of all art is our sense of connection to each other and how that allows us to move through our life and the world around us, and as a result the weight of that carries over into every connection Ri makes both with and without her camera in tow.


Alex Brady


Inspired by the years of his youth watching his parents raid every blockbuster and Best Buy for movies – Alex Brady dreamt of making a movie someday. Dabbling with film while growing up in a desert outside LA, it wasn’t until he turned 28 in 2021 that he finally decided to purchase his own cinema camera and learn the art of film. A year later he quit his full time assistant director sales job and became a full-time videographer.


Eliot Scarpetti


Eliot Scarpetti has been a photographer and videographer for 10 years. He enjoys diving, rock climbing, sailing, overlanding, backpacking, and humanitarian projects. His life goal is to open an orphanage.  But he’s mostly really into off-roading and sharks.


Allison Ragsdale


Allison never wanted to do anything besides be a photographer. Convinced she would be the next Ansel Adams, she discovered while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at the Art Institute of Colorado, that her true passion was in creating portraits for people. She began work as a portrait photographer right out of college. She and her husband, Matt, started Allison Ragsdale Photography in 2007. Specializing in senior portraits, they’ve been voted Best Photographer in Durango the past 8 years in a row.


Sophie Strauss


Sophie is an editor who started her career 8 years ago working as a video journalist for newspapers in Minneapolis and Denver. Sophie thinks that life’s greatest beauty lies in messiness, complicated characters, and imperfect moments. Her goal is always to be in documentary film and travel the world sharing stories.



Youth Center

We intend to manifest the culmination of progress, alternative thinking, and free creative thought into a space where we can witness attendees overcome hurdles in their skating, recreational, music, and art journey. It is the most powerful thing to be alongside an individual when they break mental or physical barriers to achieve a goal.