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‘The amount of off-width is off-putting.’

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Beautiful Monsters are the monoliths and the fringe people of the off-width climbing world.  Mike Largent is one of these outliers who finds a way to give back to his community through a brutal, seemingly impossible dare to himself.


Mike Largent wedges into climbing history as he attempts 10,560 vertical feet (two miles or three trips up El Captain) of off-width climbing at The Creek in 31 days all to help raise donations for The Hive, a youth center in Durango, CO. “It’s a beast,” “like wrestling two hyenas while trying to carry a washing machine in a brick closet…”- He tracks a daily average as it fluctuates due to heat, cold, snow, rain, brutal pain, scrapes, bruises, spraining both ankles and just trying to consume enough calories to maintain for the duration. Beautiful Monsters is Mike’s brutal dare to himself; a dare that brings the community together.

The Team

Our team includes photographers, cinematographers, filmmakers and creatives from all over the US! Brought together by a love of storytelling, adventures and climbing, this team gave so much time, effort and vision to the project. Check them out!
“Mike attempts what seems an impossible goal: 2 MILES (10,560 feet) of climbing in 30 days. But not just any climbing. Off-width climbing.”

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In order to finish the full documentary we are looking for the support of enthusiasts, content distributors and sponsors. If you are interested in supporting the project, please contact Risa, our Director.

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